Several times he publicly criticized Luke - Shaw, condemning Jones and Smolling too cowardly, unable to overcome the injury. However, last season, an unprecedented downturn in Chelsea is now in the Premier League title on the ride, but also reached the FA Cup final, because in the hands of Godi, they rekindled. But Manchester United did not, Mourinho's coaching style need to completely change, just like he said Manchester United lineup also need to completely reform that. When Arsenal took possession of the ball in the front, Manchester United was discharged from the six lines of defense lines, side of the front of Mata and Mtt?tta depth retreat Taylor Chorney Jersey, responsible for defending Arsenal wing wing Gibbs and Chamberlain. The face of the problem of defense-intensive defense, the gunmen choose to pass to find the other side of the defense behind the air when the Sanchez pull out as a passer, Gibbs repeatedly fed out for his biography, pulled to the road to Ramsey Zhisai is in place, death forced Degea to make a wonderful save. Arsenal did not repeat the Red Army Blake Comeau Jersey. Although the offensive, but advance and backward orderly, not impatient. In the Zaka before the goal, Ramsay, Welbeck, Sanchez and Chamberlain have beaten Tokugaya feet Sidney Crosby Jersey, the refraction is just a matter of course. This is undoubtedly the three points of the gunmen's strong heart, Tottenham and Liverpool encounter Bryan Rust Jersey, indicating that there are four undercurrent. Weekly guest Southampton, the pressure will be greater than this, "Saint" away draw Liverpool, the home will not be more fighting spirit? Double red out of the outcome, the season also parted ways, Manchester United will be a mind Bund Stockholm, trying to win the next season to obtain the Champions League seats, Arsenal are going all out to fight four. So the Premiership, how can not love?