Mourinho's signs of declining are becoming more and more obvious. No one denied his achievements before 2010, but in the next three years when coaching Real Madrid Nick Spaling Jersey, Mourinho's performance began to bleak Kevin Porter Jersey, the only league title for the world's largest club is clearly not enough. Subsequently, Mourinho returned to England Brandon Sutter Jersey, and in the second season led Chelsea to win the Premiership championship, but the Blues in the free fall last season, Mourinho's coaching style once again questioned. Even if Mourinho to win the European champions, to lead Manchester United to return to the Champions League, it still can not hide Manchester United this season, the Premiership performance, as one of Europe's top coach, from 2010 to lead Inter won the Triple Crown to the present Mourinho is indeed going downhill. Arsenal try to find Manchester United's right-sided defense loopholes, the audience has 41% of the attack on the left to start, but the left wing Wei Gibbs passed in the accuracy is not high Simon Despres Jersey, only thunder does not rain; The performance was quite out of color, locked Sanchez, so the gunmen left the attack did not work. But unfortunately, due to Valencia round off, Ashley - Yang injured, Manchester United did not assault type full-back, right attack basic paralysis, no arsenal on the left side of the defense posed a threat.