Mourinho complained that the schedule was too tight, in the Arsenal when the rotation of the eight main, but Sunday Manchester United starting 11 total worth is still up to 175 million pounds, to this end, although Wenger finally defeated Mourinho, but It can not be an excuse. If Manchester United can not be aimed at Tottenham on Sunday, Mo's Red Devils this season in the face of the top six can not score goals. In the case of Ibrahimovic Maxim Lapierre Jersey, Rooney, Rushford, Mttalay, Mata and Lingard, Mourinho this season is still complaining that the team scored little, and even sold De Pei The Distraction of the European Cup, Manchester United is clearly lack of war, but also away to fight, Mourinho to keep the main, hope to copy 2-0 Chelsea a war. The Blue Army is also used 3421, the madman was the defensive strategy is to let right-back Herrera and left-back Damian people marking the defense of Azar and Pedro, the success of them firmly. This war strategy is similar, Tu Anzebe and Damian also go with Sanchez and Ozil, but not even a moment of personal defense, once to the midfield road, defensive task to the nearby avant-garde, return to their own zone. Herrera took a half step to block the zhaka foot Adam Clendening Jersey, reminiscent of the Italian World Cup semi-final England and West Germany scene, Bremer free kick shot, touchman contact guard Parker hanged the goalkeeper Hilton, the final England in each other Shot off the ball, Manchester United did not escape the ball. 3 years ago Andrew Ebbett Jersey, Chelsea on the road for the beast of the bucket, although the fight down Liverpool, but the consumption is too large, 3 days after the Champions League semi-final against Atletico Taylor Chorney Jersey, 1 to 3 was eliminated. This lost, may make Manchester United in the European Cup semi-final second leg to get the day care. If the ball can be exchanged for home over the Celta, Mourinho also recognized.